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family prob (2) - Hannah Metcalfe Social Problem Paper Soc...

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Hannah Metcalfe Social Problem Paper Soc 200 TA section Mon 10am The Power of No Everybody Love Raymond is a television show about an extended multigenerational family. Raymond and Debra live with their two daughters, and Raymond’s parents Marie and Frank live in the house next door, they are constant visitors at Ray and Marie’s house and as such the four adults play equally major roles in the series. Debra is very decisive, she takes control of the children’s schoolwork and makes sure the house runs smoothly. She has a dominant character and makes most of the important family decisions throughout the series; as such her role in the family is that of “decision maker.” Debra’s mother in-law, Marie, wants the family to be together all of the time. She loves living next door and is always insisting that they all eat dinner together; as such she plays the role of “nurturer” within the family. Both Ray and Debra share the role of “financial officer” as they both have jobs, although it is not specifically stated in this episode it would appear that they make roughly equal contributions to the families financial standing and as such share the major financial decisions. In focusing on Ray and Debra one can see that with both children at school, they are at the School Age Children life stage. According to Duvall this creates a scattered family with little cohesion. It is a very busy stage in life and the need for both Ray and Debra to have a stable and balanced relationship, with mutual reliance and communication, is vital. In focusing on Marie
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family prob (2) - Hannah Metcalfe Social Problem Paper Soc...

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