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Adam Collier Essay question # 5 The comparison of the print version and movie version of Soldier’s Home Ernest Hemingway’s Soldier’s Home is a short story about a young man, Harold Krebs, returning home after fighting in World War I. He arrived in his home town much later than the other soldiers; he wasn’t given as much of a welcome as they received. What used to feel like home to him no longer does, he feels out of place. Throughout the story Harold is under many different pressures by his friends and his parents. He’s pressured to find a girl to marry and to enter the workforce. There are quite a few noticeable differences between the print version of Soldier’s Home and the movie version. In the Print version of Soldier’s Home it mentions that Krebs was still thought of as a hero to his two younger sisters. In the movie he only has one sister. The print version talks about the lies Krebs told about the war in order to get people to listen to him, this isn’t shown in the movie. In the print version Hemingway writes about Krebs sitting on his
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