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Latin American Culture and Civilization Assignment

Latin American Culture and Civilization Assignment - 1 How...

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1. How is Cortez depicted? Cortez is described as a man with many facets to his personality. In the beginning of the video he was described as a gambling, womanizing man. He was of the self made sort, very will-full and determined. According to the video he was very motivated. When he came in contact with the indigenous people he was filled with wonder and respected them very much, he did not see them as savages though he thought the sacrificial traditions they held were barbaric and ungodly. 2. What were the characteristics of Cortez’s “army”? What advantages did they have over indigenous populations? What was fundamental to their “victory”? Cortez’s army was a group of volunteers; they were not connected to government and did not have a great sense of loyalty to any one person when setting out on the venture. After they had passed some time in South America, they became a bit scared and attempted to mutiny and head back for Spain. After this incident there was no contradiction to Cortez’s leadership. They respected him and demanded respect from him and each other, they often referred to each other as comrade or compadre. During Cortez’s journey to the interior he overtook a village and made a deal with it’s people who then joined his army, greatly increasing his numbers and collective knowledge of the area as well as his ability to conquer it.
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