History 171, Exam 1, Review Sheet

History 171, Exam 1, Review Sheet - History 171 Examination...

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History 171 Examination One Review Sheet Terms/Concepts Living Zones Tierra Caliente Coastal Lowlands (elevation 0-1,600 ft) Hot and Humid Cool Ocean winds and currents Staple Products Grown Here (bananas, sugar cane, cacao, rice) Runs between Rio de Janeiro into most of the Carribean Tierra Templada Elevation 1600-6500 ft Moderate Temperatures Soil Viability Focus of settlement pre and post encounter Sao Paulo *modern day Mexico City Tierra Fria 6500 to 13000 ft Upper limits of sustainable agriculture Settlements in areas of sustainable agriculture make use of innovation and sustenance living Microclimates located in pockets along mountain chain La Paz, Brasil Tierra Helada 13,000ft+ Areas of tierra helada include Argentina and Aconcagua Alpine Region Harsh Conditions Settlement post and pre encounter Mineral Riches! Cerro Rico then Peru, modern day Bolivia Potosi (in Cerro Rico) was a mountain that bank rolled the Spanish Empire Eric Williams Born in Trinidad “Capitalism and Slavery” states that *that the exploitation of slavery was the cause of racism *Modernity/Industrial Revolution were funded by profits gained from African Slavery *Abolition came about because slavery was no longer as profitable Bering Strait Migration *Modern ‘generally accepted’ science believes that “Native Americans” migrated across the Bering Strait and that when they arrived in the Americas they both altered and devastated their new environment (e.g. big game hunters destroyed animals of that time, tigers mammoths, and others) Origins of Amerindians *Modern science believes that the origin of all modern peoples was in Africa and that the Mitochondrial Eve is the most recent common ancestor of modern humans (140,000 years ago) ***because all human share the MTDNA is found in all humans today…and she originated in Africa…the crossing of either the Bering Strait MUST have happened*** Vine Deloria Jr. Author of Red Earth, White Lies was a non-evolutionist. Believes modern day sciences perspective of the Bering Strait Migration and the origins of Amerindians is just a way for to somehow make the colonization of the Americas by Europeans somehow guilt-free. Like “Hey look! The natives aren’t really native here…they immigrated, they invaded and destroyed aspects of this land and habitat long before we did.” He believes that depicting Amerindians as immigrant
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History 171 Examination One Review Sheet destroyers of animal species and land is used as and excuse for what was done by Europeans and as western apologetics…also to reduce ownership claims of natives. He also looks at epistemology. Believer of remembered experience…myths and oral cultures are just as valid as science. States that the recollections and traditions of Natives do not relate to the crossing of the bering strait…it does not exist in their myths and oral culture…though there is recollection of a boat migration. Knowledge of Amerindians is personal and because of this is seen as invalid by westerners whose knowledge is defined by the Cartesian Theory (separation of
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History 171, Exam 1, Review Sheet - History 171 Examination...

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