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Latin American Culture and Civilization Notes

Latin American Culture and Civilization Notes -...

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Caribbean *site of colonial venture ~Colonialism: the “domestication” of people of another “culture *Motivation *Ideological-GOD, GOLD, GLORY (Spaniards) *Environment-good area for staple products (sugar cane) *Labor-indigenous labor decreased drastically, African Slavery took it’s place ~Lesser Antilles (Eastern Caribbean Islands) *Largely African Influence due to slavery *Eric William of Trinidad wrote “Capitalism & Slavery” *Racism was caused by the exploitation of Slavery (instead of slavery was caused by racism) *Profits from slavery CAUSED the Industrial Revolution “Modernity” *Abolition only came about because slavery was no longer profitable ~Greater Antilles (Puerto Rico to Cuba)
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Unformatted text preview: *HISPANIOLA (Present day Haiti/Dominican Republic) *Site of first Colonial Ordering-1502 *Nicolas De Ovendo-De Las Casas *Black Legend *Colonial Ordering was unsuccessful in Yucatan *Panama-1513 *Peru-Potosi “Cerro Rico” (In modern day Bolivia) *Mexico *Sierra Madre Occidental (west) and Oriental (east) *Mesa del Centro *consistent temperature, rainfall, and soil viability South America Andes Mountains *Interrupted Mountain Chain with no passes lower than 10,000 feet *Runs from Colombia to the tip of South America on the west side *Modified Heat-lower temperature due to elevation *Microclimates and biodiversity...
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