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Nutrition 100 FINAL Review Factors attributed to healthy life expectancies: Childhood vaccinations, Infectious disease control, Fluoridation of drinking water, Safer Work places, Recognition of tobacco as a health hazard, decline in heart disease deaths, healthier mother and babies Reasons for the decrease in cardiovascular health: Greater participation in wellness programs, Better healthcare, Improved diet, reduction of smoking, increase in physical activity The distinction between physical activity and exercise:
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Unformatted text preview: Physical Activity is bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles, requiring an expenditure of energy which produces progressive health benefits. EX: Walking, Climbing Stairs, Dancing, Gardening, Cleaning, Washing the car, Shoveling Snow, and all forms of structured exercise Exercise is a type of physical activity which requires planned, structured, and repetitive body movement with the intent of improving or maintaining 1+ elements of physical fitness...
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