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Elizabeth Bartz Project Proposal Activism My project focuses on the need for women of college age to have a positive body image and realistic fitness goals. I live in a dorm full of beautiful girls of different shapes and sizes, all of whom are very healthy. Despite being healthy and fit these girls obsess about their size, shape, color of their hair, size of their feet; they are not confident within themselves. I think it’s a huge problem, and I want to affect it. So this is my plan. I will send out an email to girls in all of my nutrition classes asking for girls between 17 and 26 on Body Mass Index Chart. I would like to collect a series of photographs and fun facts about them, including favorite foods, exercises they like, their
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Unformatted text preview: favorite sports team, female idol, etc. I really want to develop my skills as both a journalist and a photographer and I believe that this is an opportunity to do just that, as well as allow me to be actively bettering my community. Some problems I might encounter are a lack of willing models, lack of time, and the cost of printing the collection of photos and stories. A kink I’ve already encountered is this: I know several girls who are perfectly healthy and appear underweight or overweight according to their BMI. Theirs is not a normal case, but other girls are the same way. Should I exclude them all in the sake of having “normal-sized” women and run the risk of injuring their confidence?...
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