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Question 1 (5 points) Select the word on the right that best fits the blank in each sentence below. (Please note! - wrong matches will subtract from correct ones). Preview columns: 1. Electric field lines always cross ______________to equipotential lines. 2. Equipotential lines near any shape conductor are oriented ______________ to the surface of the conductor. 3. Electric field lines always leave a charged object _______________ to its' surface. 4. Equipotential lines near a positively-charged object will usually have ___________ potential than those closer to a
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Unformatted text preview: negatively-charged object. 5. "Pointy" conductors with closely-spaced equipotential lines nearby indicate a region where the magnitude of the electric field is ________________ than in a region around more gently curving conductors with widely-spaced equipotentials. the same lesser perpendicular greater parallel Student response: 1 perpendicular 2 parallel 3 perpendicular 4 greater 5 greater Score: 5 / 5 Total score: 5 / 5 = 100.0%...
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