Introducing Physical Geography (Wse)

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Chapter 9 Global Biogeography This chapter focuses on global patterns of vegetation and the characteristics of the vegetation found in the biomes of the Earth. Natural vegetation is the plant cover that would establish itself in an area without human interference. Many areas of the Earth have been modified by humans, but large areas of natural vegetation still exist in more inaccessible areas. The life form of a plant refers to its physical structure, size, and shape. Life-forms include trees, shrubs, lianas, herbs, and lichens. Biomes are the largest recognizable subdivision of terrestrial ecosystems. These include the forest, savanna, grassland, desert, and tundra biomes. The Forest Biome includes six major types of forest: The low latitude rainforest is found in the equatorial and tropical zone which experiences continuously warm temperatures with consistently abundant rainfall. These ideal conditions produce a forest of tall, closely set trees with a multilayered
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