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Disease is any change from a health state. The disease may be a change in structure or function, or may be a failure of a part of the body to develop properly. Each illness has: -an etiology or cause -a usual set of signs and symptoms -a usual course of disease progression -a prognosis or probable outcome Predisposing facts are those that contribute to the development of the illness, such as obesity or malnutrition. Risks factors are specific behaviors or conditions that tend to promote certain disease, such as smoking, unprotected sex, lack of exericise and family history. "Signs" are those factors which we an observe or touch, such as a rash, redness, visible swelling, bruises, or deformities of joints. "Symptoms" are felt by the patient, who tells us about them. "Symptons" can include pain, nausea, cramps, blurry vision, ringing of the ears, or even non-verbal communications such as wincing, grimacing, or flinching. Acute disease occurs suddenly. -it progresses rapidly -lasts for a predictable period -people either recovers or dies Chronic disease is longer lasting. -there may be periods of disease signs and symptons alternating with no signs/symptoms -the onset may initially be acute, then progress to chronic -the signs and symptoms can be treated but never cured -some disease ultimately result in death Ischemia - lack of blood emia - "less then" neoplasm - new growth, i.e. tumors autoimmune diseases - diseases where the body attacks itself ISCHEMIA: inadequate blood supply -can affect the heart, the limbs and the brain, in addition to other body parts -the blood supply can be lessened due to inflammation, constriction of a blood vessel or even obstruction of a blood vessel -treatment is to restore blood flow using either medications or surgery Congenital abnormalities are those we are born with: -these can include improperly formed heart valves, cleft lip and palate, club foot, spina bifida, sickle cell disease and other conditions -these abnormalities can sometimes be corrected with surgery -some conditions do not require correction, such as color blindness or hyperpigmentation of the skin
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Infection is caused by bateria, viruses or fungi:
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CNASession3 - Disease is any change from a health state The...

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