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Biology 207 - Biology 207 Concepts in Human Nutrition...

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Biology 207: Concepts in Human Nutrition Ellie Drechsel Assignment 3 – Calcium February 27, 2008 Calcium plays an important role in the human body’s health, maintenance and continual good function. Composing about two percent of an entire body’s weight, it is the most abundant major mineral in a human body. Ninety-nine percent of the calcium stored in a human body is stored in the bones, while the other one percent makes its home in the blood and soft tissues. Because calcium is alkaline, it helps to assist with the body’s acid/base balance. Calcium also regulates the normal transmission of nerve impulses, assists in muscle contraction, maintains blood pressure, initiates blood clotting, and regulates various hormones and enzymes. 1 While calcium obviously is important to a human’s wellbeing, various research has been conducted and studied to determine to what (additional) extent its importance is, and whether or not it ever has an adverse effect. One such study deals with the smallest and youngest among us. Conducted in the perinatal research unit of the World Health Organization’s collaborative research center, 591 children at an average age of seven years were studied. Their mothers had been given calcium supplementation – 2/g day of elemental calcium (n = 298) or placebo (n = 293) – during pregnancy in order to study the long-term effect of the supplementation on the offspring’s blood
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Biology 207 - Biology 207 Concepts in Human Nutrition...

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