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Lee, Jennifer Sociology 001 21 January 2008 A typical day at Full Gospel Los Angeles Church always starts with a prayer; whether it is in your car before you drive to church or as you take your seat in the service room. The worship team begins to play songs of praise as the rest of the congregation joins in. After a few songs, a pastor prays to start his sermon and delivers the word of God. When he his done, he will invite the worship team back up to play a few songs during a time of offering. Then one of the church leaders delivers any announcements and welcomes the newcomers. Our service is ended with the singing of “The Lords Prayer” and the reading of a bible verse. This may seem like nothing more than a day at church, however, there is much more to it if you were to look at it in a sociological perspective. Similar to a school or office, there is social structure to a church. You have the pastors who are the head of the church; the leader. They make the big decisions and hope to keep their congregation strong and together. Below them, you have the church leaders. They are not pastors but can be small group leaders, members of the worship team, a mission coordinator, or even an event organizer. Following them, you have the congregation. This group can be divided into subgroups which include those who have been members of the church for most of their life,
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sociology_termpaper - Lee Jennifer Sociology 001 21 January...

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