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Tim Essay - Nick Hookham Rhet Comp 1 1026 Hackbarth 1st Sem...

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Nick Hookham Rhet Comp 1, 1026 Hackbarth 1 st Sem, 2007 Essay 1 In order to become literate, you need someone, whether they are in your family or a role model of some sort, which will start you off “on the right foot.” In life, a person needs to focus on what is truly important, and that is a proper education. Concentration in class, lectures, and any meetings people may have is essential to maintain literacy. While some might consider reading extensively and studying excessively are the primary factors in gaining academic literacy, actually, influence and concentration are equally important. Influence to do well and become literate is a big part in gaining academic literacy. Without someone or some people helping you learn to read and write, it is very hard to get started and get excited about learning. A parent enrolling their child in pre- school, as early as the age of 3, is a great way to get started. Pre-school teaches children only the basic things a child will need to know in order to prepare for education ahead of them. Coloring appropriate pictures, sharing toys, and eating snacks with kids around them teaches them basic lessons about manners and how to get along with others. Pre- school teachers have a big responsibility and need to be a good influence for these kids. Without having patience and endurance with the young children, classrooms would turn into madness and kids would misbehave, because they do not know any better. Two men that know plenty about gaining an education are Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass. Douglass and X never were able to encounter these experiences because of the lack of schools available and little help from any guardian. Although both became
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scholarly men by the time they were middle aged, neither man was ever able to experience classroom life and how an education is truly supposed to be obtained. Instead
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