12 Antibody Technology Cont - Q E EF GHIJKL EF GHIJKL MN MN...

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Unformatted text preview: Q E EF GHIJKL EF GHIJKL MN MN OP FL FL R H H SEE PPH EE OO R R T UV FJWKL ./01/23456789321/::0;:1:<<:0 ;00;1/=1/>?<@A</[email protected];/</;/1?360 ;00;1/=1/>?<@A </[email protected];/</;/1?360 B68AB67 B68A E FNEL FN E FE FE L FXMYL Z 12 34 54 ./0 H' O H' Q T T ()*+ N [TUTN [TUTN \ Y EOO E TMY TMY Q C>//==/<1/>? /011DA1E/E/3C0 /011DA E/0/<<;0/>? >1F1/>/0</<</= [email protected];/</;/1/01< 1EG+HG,HE/0 1EG+HG, -./01/1 E/0A [email protected];/</;1; E/0A ;00<1/>? I=. 0 J?;/0 0 J?;/0 /=1;/0 I= 0 J?;/0 0 J?;/0 /=1;/0 U Q Q Q J EEO J EKN]^ EKN EO_,-./0 ,-./1 EO_,-./0 ,-./1 ` ,-./02 H ,-./02 ZabE N c PFL OEE UEe UEe E dE,-./1 O dE,-./1 OZOO T Q E O T a FL ZE EE OO E P P ./0 MK M N Z Z EF L Ua FL P FPL M Ue P FPL M] TZ\ KLMN H H EO UTf P g Z Y Y E V E O O ...
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