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Unit one Essay - Hookham1 Nick Hookham RhetComp2/1088 Ms....

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Hookham1 Nick Hookham RhetComp2/1088 Ms. Kirchner 2/5/08 Subtle Invasion Next time you’re in any downtown area, stop and take a look around at the ads around you. Chances are you have looked right past or taken little notice of almost all of the traditional billboards and gargantuan building posters that have become just another part of the city. Advertisements have penetrated so deeply into the everyday lives of Americans that most of them are ignored or just lost in the noise. Then you see it, a high voltage box with giant Duracell batteries on it, hinting that Duracell is powering a city. This is one of the precious few amount of ads that come out of nowhere with huge bursts of creativity and use the surroundings of the ad to make it stand out from the riff raff. The best billboard style advertisements are those that accent the natural surroundings or allow the natural surroundings to accent the ad. First, these ads require the most creativity to create. Second these ads are inherently subtle and yet powerful. Lastly, these ads are a welcome diversion in places where one might not normally see color or creativity and may even go as far as to beautify the community. Being so situational, the planning and creative planning involved in an ad such as a Folgers Coffee ad that depicts a manhole cover as the top of a hot cup of coffee complete with the steam of the manhole rising from it. Wrapped around the cup is the text “Hey city that never sleeps. Wake Up. Folgers.” This ad makes one double think their step so as not to step into a hot cup of coffee; it then sinks in that it’s just a clever ad that uses the natural steam to maximize the believability. To have been able to come up with such a situational idea that relies upon the cold weather as well as the shape and size of such a normally bland and commonplace item took
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This essay was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course ENGL 2 taught by Professor Fodrey during the Spring '08 term at Marquette.

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Unit one Essay - Hookham1 Nick Hookham RhetComp2/1088 Ms....

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