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Unit two Essay - Hookham1 Nick Hookham RhetComp2/1088 Ms...

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Hookham1 Nick Hookham RhetComp2/1088 Ms . Kirchner 2/28/08 Storybook Romance Love . It’s as indescribable as it is electric , as flawed as it is perfect, as painful as it is pleasurable and yet we go through our lives chasing it . In fact , there is little else that demands so much of our attention , money, and time in this modern age of distractions aplenty than love. In Grant’s version of Cinderella , love is an immensely important theme, and to that effect it is not only love , but love at first sight that Grant writes about. Love at first sight is the pure and perfect thing that only happens in the fairy tales but at the same time it is the dream of many otherwise mundane people whom would like nothing more than to be swept off their feet by a prince charming . Fairy tales like Cinderella instill many ideals that are neither practical nor realistic in the youth that watch and hear them , such as love at first sight; however, the fairy tale of Cinderella is a necessary story telling tool and an important part of our history that should still be told to the youth today . First of all , there are many ideas present in Cinderella that are no longer and or never were realized in today’s society . The most prevalent of which is the gender roles that the prince and the women who all vie for his attention play are no longer the convention . The fact that “all the beautiful girls in the kingdom were invited , in order that his son might choose a bride” would
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Hookham2 be found appalling today . (Grimm, 2002, p. 343) What was something that would be thought of
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Unit two Essay - Hookham1 Nick Hookham RhetComp2/1088 Ms...

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