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Nick Hookham RhetComp 2 Kirchner 2 nd sem , 2008 Unit 1, SW 2 I am writing on the magazine US Lacrosse . The target audience is lacrosse players from ages 15 to 25. This age bracket extends beyond the normal 18 to 25 because lacrosse is played seriously in high school and thus a magazine about the goings on in the lacrosse world would be desired by people throughout this age group. This is extremely apparent by the advertisements within the magazine. There is not a single ad that does not have to do with lacrosse, and a majority of the ads are for lacrosse equipment. The cultural codes are very apparent in the ads in
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Unformatted text preview: that they cater towards the age group by being flashy and humorous as well as conform to gender codes by having the ads for women’s equipment containing pink and other “girly” colors. While on the other end of the spectrum, there is an ad for men’s protective equipment that uses a ridiculous amount of innuendos that is the ideal stereotypical ad for a 15-25 year old man. This magazine is a perfect example of being very specific in target audience, however that specificity is easily apparent in the culture codes of the advertisements....
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