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Nick Hookham Ret Comp 1 7/9/07 Read Me Reading has always just made sense to me; from the excitement of reading my fist book on my own in kindergarten to the mundane textbook readings that I must endure just to pass a class, I have always just got it. There is something about books that I can’t seem to find anywhere else in the world. When I read fiction especially, I am taken away from this world with all of my worries and I’m thrust into the tales of another where I become an outsider looking in. This is a feeling that I have had about reading for as long as I can remember and this feeling is the most important part of literacy to me. Without the ability to place oneself in the story, or in the least be whisked away from your world to watch the goings on of another, reading a book is much like a blind person watching a forign film with subtitles. I learned to place myself in the story as a tool to gain all I could out of a story, from inside I could see all of the minute details and draw
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