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Unit one sw 1 - with bus exhaust and unlike the Jansport ad...

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Nick Hookham RhetComp 2 Kirchner 2 nd sem , 2008 Unit 1, SW 1 This Norwegian advertisement for an aid for quitting smoking depicts a smoker whose mouth is the tailpipe of the bus the advertisement is on and it says “Want to quit smoking?” This advertisement is genius because of it’s clever placement and utter simplicity and unlike the Jansport Ad in the reading, it makes the target audience want to buy the product. This ad makes the smoker feel that they are doing something extremely unhealthy by equating their smoking
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Unformatted text preview: with bus exhaust, and unlike the Jansport ad, it gives the reader a sense of friendship by making it feel like the makers of the product do want to help you become healthy and quit smoking. This advertisement obviously is very creative and well made because it does induce the feelings intended by the advertisers and does not tear them down like the Jansport ad does....
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