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Should Genetic Screening Be Provided For Disease That Can Be Less Serious, Treatable? I feel that screening for disease should be provided, but only when the screening has reached a point of extreme accuracy in proving that the person will develop the targeted disease or will be healthy. This is because if a genetic marker for a disease is found, many will lead cautionary lives and try to avoid doing the activities normal of their age group. This is most apparent when a disease is found to have genetic markers in a fetus; the parents can have actions ranging from terminating the pregnancy to keeping the child away from activities that might aggravate symptoms of the disease, whether or not the
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Unformatted text preview: child has the disease for sure. The article proves this point very well and has a fairly unbiased take on the issue for the majority of the article when the facts are presented. In the conclusion, however, the article states that we have to be careful of screening for diseases that have a good chance of being less severe and even not apparent at all. The best way to go about this is to provide traditional medical counseling along with the genetic screening and testing to help those screened and their families make the best decision possible....
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