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letter to editor

letter to editor - and suggests that the opponent is an...

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Hillary Clinton’s most recent ad that asks who would you like to answer the phone at 3 AM when a call comes into the white house is completely ridiculous. I’m not insinuating that she would be a bad person to be answering the phone, however by the very nature of the ad, she is suggesting that Barack Obama and John McCain are incapable of being responsible enough to be the one answering the phone. This brings on a new era of political bashing and mudslinging, in which the ad doesn’t come right on out and degrade the opponent, but rather gently persuades
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Unformatted text preview: and suggests that the opponent is an incapable moron who would be somehow worse than she would at dealing with national issues that suddenly come up. How on earth can she claim that she is a better person to answer a phone, it’s not like any big decisions are made on the fly by only the president, everything is going to be brought up in cabinet meetings and the decisions made will be voted on. And every cabinet is going to be able to make some sort of decent decision, thus she is not anything special compared to the rest of the candidates....
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