electrochem - -Pb x-Mg x-Ag-x-Zn x Part 2 Al Cu Pb Mg Zn Al...

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Electro Chem April 16, 2008 Section 2731/2712 Chemistry 002 Ruili Nick Hookham
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Purpose - To explore redox reactions and finding the tendencies of elements to accept electrons as well as how effective elements are as creators of potential difference in a cell. Procedure - First, combine each of the required elements for a total of fifteen unique combinations, in a group setting split the work accordingly. Record whether or not the reaction is positive or negative. For part two use the same fifteen unique combinations, place an electron acceptor and its corresponding metal into a well with another receptor metal pair in a neighboring well. Connect the wells with a piece of tissue soaked in KNO 3 solution and measure the voltage across the cell. Data - Part 1 Al Cu Pb Mg Ag Zn Al x - - - - - Cu - x - -
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Unformatted text preview: --Pb-+ x---Mg-+ + x +-Ag----x-Zn-+ +-+ x Part 2 Al Cu Pb Mg Zn Al x-790-280 945 95 Cu 524 x 460 1608 836 Pb 242-463 x 1250 415 Mg-956 1612-1245 x 812 Zn 103 880-402-820 x Discussion- The values above are the experimental values. It was found that the reactions occurred in the direction that was expected as well as the voltage potentials were not nearly as good as they should have been, however they were all less than the expected value by a fairly constant range. Conclusion-Thus in conclusion it was found that the expected reactions took place in the expected directions while the voltages were much lower than expected which leads to the error and inefficiency of the circuit built. The theory of redox reactions was demonstrated as well....
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electrochem - -Pb x-Mg x-Ag-x-Zn x Part 2 Al Cu Pb Mg Zn Al...

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