Module 3 Data Acquisition

Module 3 Data Acquisition - Module 3 Data Acquisition and...

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Module 3 Data Acquisition and Signal Analysis Nick Hookham TA: Katie Ross and Tony Prisco 10/9/07 BIEN 1 2002 Introduction:
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The purpose of the experiment was first to learn the effect of sample rate when acquiring a signal and what happens when that rate changes. This was done by hooking up a biopack to the computer while the biopack outputs a constant wave form at a given frequency of 100Hz and by varying the sample rate that the computer worked at. Next, we used this knowledge from the first week to collect a faithful representation of the EMG signal from the quadriceps and hamstrings during different types of activity. An EMG is an electromyogram, and it measures the electrical activity of muscles in millivolts. During the analysis of the labs the derivative and integral were used by the formulas and respectively and the results were then graphed. Also, the derivative function finds the slope of the curve while the integral function finds the area under the curve. Meathods: In the sine wave data acquisition section of the lab, the Biopack MP30 sent out a signal in the form of a sine wave that had a frequency of 100Hz. This analog signal was picked up by the Biopack software on the computer and made into a discrete signal by sampling the signal at the give rates of 100Hz, 200Hz, 1000Hz, and 2000Hz. The digital data points were then made into visual graphs that
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course BIEN 1 taught by Professor Rapala during the Spring '08 term at Marquette.

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Module 3 Data Acquisition - Module 3 Data Acquisition and...

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