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Nick Hookham 9/10/07 A common ground between Malcolm X’s A Homemade Education and the student essay by Lexi Corcoran is the subject of an appreciation for words because of a prior inability to communicate thoughts through words. In A Homemade Education , Malcolm X illustrates that while he could speak the English language, he was almost completely unable to put his thoughts into writing. This challenge inspired him to learn by teaching himself within a prison library and to become a great writer, sounding like a man with a college education rather than one who went to school only through the 8 th grade. Lexi’s essay also tells of an inability to communicate through words, but rather
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Unformatted text preview: than written words, she was unable to communicate effectively through speech. This inability caused for her to be taken to a speech therapist that brought about a desire to learn along with a love and understanding of words. Both Lexi and Malcolm X have developed a newfound appreciation for the English language along with their newfound abilities to employ it in ways that they had not been able to previously. Thus the English language is not something that is as automatic as many people who have had formal education would like to believe, and it should not be taken for granted....
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