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Nick Hookham RhetComp 1 Rewrite Hackbarth 1 st sem , 2007 Essay #3 Busting Creating ^ the Myth “They don’t just tell the myths ; they put them to the test:” that is the line at the end of the introduction for every episode of the popular TV show , Mythbusters . While just about every other show , movie, or play tries to create a myth surrounding itself, Mythbusters tries to tear down the fallacies of myths and bring forward the truth . While Mythbusters is a show about breaking down urban myths, it ultimately fulfills Seger’s theory of screen writing in the characters of the show. First , the show upholds the theory in the characters. Second, Mythbusters deals with myths in a very different way than has been done in the past as well as doing so without heroes . Lastly , the question is raised as to whether or not myths should even be busted because of the high cultural significance that myths hold . While the show does have a seeming disagreement with Seger’s, Mythbusters does in the end fulfill the theory . First , there is the Archetype of the wise old man that is played by Jamie. On the show , Adam is known to become reckless and misguided, but it is Jamie who seems to always know what advice to give and lends his level head and immense experience to the show .
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Also , the show seems to only keep up the strange fascination with science that society has today. This fascination gives the show an almost unbelievable feel because of the grandeur of some of
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Essay 3 - Nick Hookham RhetComp 1 Hackbarth 1st sem, 2007...

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