Cuneiforms and Women

Cuneiforms and Women - Centre 2-Temple of the Goddess Bau...

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Cuneiforms and Women’s History  – Centres Activity You must travel to each centre. At each centre are various translations of cuneiform tablets. Read all the excerpts gleaned from the Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets and artifacts. Then find a sentence, phrase or idea that shows: Areas where women could exercise some authority- Centre 1-Great Death Pit- Sumer-Ur, Early Dynastic Period, approx. 2500  B.C.E- Regarding power the Queen had even after her death. 68 followed  her to the after-life. Centre 5- Prayer to Goddess Ishtar –A prayer in honor of the over-ruling  Goddess Ishtar Areas where women had little power The treatment of slave women The types of work women engaged in Centre 1 -Letter from Assyrian business woman to her merchant husband.  Ca. 1900 B.C, speaks of the Queen Shub-ad who was buried with 68 women. 
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Unformatted text preview: Centre 2-Temple of the Goddess Bau: Lagash, ca, 2350 B.C., Talks about the types of work Queen Shagshag had female servants performing such as female vocalist, grounding grain for pigs and a brewery which employed 6 females. Laws that seemed to protect certain rights of women Centre 7-Laws in the Hammurabi Code #129-“If a married lady is caught lying with another man, they shall bind them and cast them into the water. If her husband wishes to let his wife live, then the king shall let his servant live.” Laws that parallel ours with regard to marriage Laws that contrast with ours laws regarding marriage If you were a scholar reading the ancient cuneiform tablets, what additional aspects about women’s lives would you want to discover?...
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Cuneiforms and Women - Centre 2-Temple of the Goddess Bau...

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