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Laurent King 17 January, 2007 History 140 French Revolution Document Questions 1. Yes the social groups were what I expected. As a result of the unfair and unequal practices of the French monarchy and government I would expect the largest percentage of citizens fleeing the country to come from the members of the Third Estate – the peasantry and workers – who had to suffer oppression in the form of heavy taxes very little to no privileges, no freedom or basic human rights, no form of voice or involvement in the matters of the monarchy and country. It was very hard for the members of the Third Estate to survive in France prior to the Revolution as there was such The Pre-Revolution Era in France provided special privileges and ‘treatment’ for members of the two higher estates – the clergy and the nobility – thus I would expect for them to have the lower percentage of emigrés. However, I would expect the percentage of emigrés in the clergy and nobility to slightly increase during and post revolution due to the events that were
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