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Laurent King 9 October, 2007 SOCI 111 Dr. Liddy Hope Culture The word culture has very broad and varied meanings. In every part of the world, culture means and symbolises different things for the people who live and experience the culture. Culture is the defining feature of any society, and dictates why and how people live the way they do. In general terms, culture can be seen as the total complement of language, values, beliefs, behaviour and material objects that constitute ones way of life. Culture is the impetus behind an individual’s actions and beliefs, it dictates who a person will inevitably become, and consists of both non material and material aspects. The concept of culture is something held very highly by Bahamians as we are very patriotic and proud of our rich, unique and eccentric way of life. For many years, stories and superstitions of Bahamian culture have transcended time, and are continuously passed through the generations. The material aspects of Bahamian culture are more or less, very similar when compared with other world cultures. It is the non material aspects of Bahamian culture, such as its folkways, ideologies and values, mores, language, and taboos that set us apart from the rest of the world. A folkway is a norm of everyday behaviour that people follow for sake of tradition and convenience. Bahamian culture has many of these folkways that people act on in order to be seen as true Bahamians, and these have existed for many years and continue to be practiced each day. One of these folkways is for the household family to go to church on Sunday morning and worship together, even if you are sick, tired from partying the previous night, or if it was storming and hailing. No matter the circumstance, you are expected to go to church, whether you wanted to or not. Bahamians believe that it is an obligation to give God thanks, by attending 1
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Laurent King 9 October, 2007 SOCI 111 Dr. Liddy Hope mass on Sunday. In the past, families went to church for every service that was being held, including Sunday school, morning, noon and night. However, due to the advancement of society and technology most families only go to church once. Another Bahamian folkway is the tradition
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Culture Paper - Laurent King SOCI 111 Dr. Liddy Hope 9...

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