Deviance - random act of kindness to them In one extreme...

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Laurent King 23 October, 2007 SOCI 111 Dr. Liddy Hope Deviance Assignment Deviant behaviour consists of any act which goes against or strays from the norms or expectations of a particular group of people in society. As my deviant act, I committed random acts of kindness to people who I did not know such as complimenting them on their appearance, greeting them and asking them how they are doing, as well as holding the door for them. For the most part, I received very positive reactions in response to my act. People were generally quite surprised and astonished that someone was being so nice and kind to them, it was as if they were not used to it. Everyone either said thank you or gave me acknowledgement for my
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Unformatted text preview: random act of kindness to them. In one extreme case, I held the door for someone who was walking far behind me. Opening the door for them seemed to make their day better, from the expressions of pleasure and happiness on their faces. She said thank you and offered a smile in return for my kind act to her. In general, people were more or less taken aback by the fact that someone was being so kind to them by extending random kind acts to them, indicating that this is not the norm here at CSB-SJU, but in return for my kindness I received a lot of positive sanctions from those whom I extended my kindness to....
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