11 Antibody Technology - GHI J JKKLKKK JKKLKKK NOGO M OHW...

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Unformatted text preview: ' ( )*+, )*+, GHI J JKKLKKK JKKLKKK NOGO M OHW OHW XY TUU V SM ]S "#$ ,-./0123 F-./0123 G-./0123 4H-./0123 G-M8:93 4FN4G-M8:93 4FN 4GN4H-M8:93 4GN %&&'(%)"*%+( 431-56712896:;-*81:0<3;-=2//760>-?/<>2; 431-56712896:;-*81:0<3;-=2//760>-?/<>2; @/A6/;-B%C-:0D-&8060>6163-E ,0D-56712896:;-*81:0<3;-=2//760>-?/<>2; ,0D-56712896:;-*81:0<3;-=2//760>-?/<>2; @/A6/;-B%C-:0D-&8060>6163-E F9D-56712896:;-*81:0<3;-=2//760>-?/<>2; F9D-56712896:;-*81:0<3;-=2//760>-?/<>2; @/A6/;-B%C-:0D-&8060>6163-E &8:3A83;-&<.73;-I<J8AA:-K&&IL 56712896:;-*81:0<3;-@/A6/;-=2//760>-?/<>2 56712896:;-*81:0<3;-@/A6/;-=2//760>-?/<>2 :0D-&&I-, B8:O 1831-:0D-CE#-K1<J89?<A/363L 56712896: KA/P-D/38L;-*81:0<3-:0D-@/A6/ -)..)/0+. -)..)/0+. RZ H I I W [ HZI \ P Q R S S M Q H Z Z M^ M^ HI N^^ Z H O I H R S HQ S _ R S H SZ S N N RI U S R S ` S ` S _ N R R R R O` H aaI H PPI R R _ _ S ` S M_ _ b_P b_P R R R R MN *28-J60D60>-98>6/0-/O-:0-:016J/DM63-:1-128-(N189.60:A-D/.:60Q-*283863-:1-128-(N D/.:603-D6OO89-?/036D89:JAM J81P880-:016J/D683-/O-D6OO8960> 378?6O6?61683-:0D-:98-12898O/98 189.8D-RS-/9-RS-D/.:603 189.8D-RS-/9-R D/.:603-N 378?6O6?-1/-8:?2 D/.:603-N ?A:33-/O-:016J/DM %>& 2:3- 28:TM-?2:603-:0D- /9- 2:3- 28:TM-?2:603-:0D- /9- A6>21-?2:603%># 2:3- 28:TM--?2:603-:0D-/9- 2:3- 28:TM--?2:603-:0D-/9- A6>21-?2:603- c^]^^O c^]^^O `SI `S ^^^ ^^^ ^ H H HH ^H\ R R H IHU IHU IH U L U N _P U _ _ _ S S ^^ ^ IH IH R M ^ ^ ] ] HH O`S O`S P P P IH IH S S S ...
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2008 for the course BIOLOGY 406 taught by Professor Stevenson during the Spring '06 term at University Of Southern Mississippi .

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