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Body Image & The Media - Laurent King FYS 100 Body...

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Laurent King 17 January, 2007 FYS 100 Body Image And The Media Article Society holds a narrow range of beauty standards in terms of a person’s body image. These standards are prevalent in every form of media image from magazines to television commercials to advertisements. Body image stereotypes in the media have a profound effect on teenagers and adolescents, both males and females, because it is at that stage when they are in a position where they are always trying to fit into the acceptable standards of body image and gain the approval of the most harsh critic - society. The ideal body image consists of someone who is thin, sculpted, has very little body fat and slightly tanned however not many people possess these external characteristic traits. Even many of the models that are shown in these media images do not possess the runway bodies that they are portrayed to in today’s media images. Rather they are artificially created by the ever advancing means of technology. In essence, the present
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Body Image & The Media - Laurent King FYS 100 Body...

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