Consumerism - Laurent King FYS 100 Ms SY The Counterfeit...

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8 October, 2007 FYS 100 Ms. SY The Counterfeit Good Market: Who is responsible? Over the years, the counterfeit good market has developed into an intricate and sprawling industry. Luxury goods are being mass reproduced daily, and sold by vendours in open-air sidewalk shopping markets. Many consumers are not able to afford the costly prices of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Fendi products, and thus purchase these ‘knock off’ replicates at a much more reasonable bargain. The counterfeit market has posed many problems on the companies that produce the authentic items, and “constantly plagues them with high end fakes”. These ‘knock off’ items have been so skilfully produced, that it is difficult to tell the difference between the imitated product and the real one. The process of exchange takes place between consumers and vendours –those who sell the products. In order for any market to exist, there must be a demand for a product by consumers so that it can be supplied by producers. Although consumers purchase these ‘knock-off’ products, the government is solely responsible for the problem of counterfeit goods. Behind the evident scenes of the counterfeit market, there are many young children who are forced to produce these ‘knock off’ products. According to Goodwin’s article, this is a very serious problem in China, where “child workers make up as much as 20 percent of the workforce”, and are forced to work under deplorable and horrendous working conditions. Forcing children to work is both unethical and immoral, and forcing them to make illegal
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Consumerism - Laurent King FYS 100 Ms SY The Counterfeit...

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