History+study+guide+2 - 1 a form of Buddhism which taught...

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1. a form of Buddhism, which taught that Buddha was only a man and exhorted each person to attain enlightenment by his or her own efforts. 2. Buddhist Lord of the Western Paradise, or Pure Land. 3. Branch of the imperial Chinese government that acted as a watchdog, reporting instances of misgovernment directly to the emperor and remonstrating when it considered the emperor’s behavior improper. Censoring 4. “the way of the god’s” The animistic worship of the forces of nature that is the indigenous religion of Japan. 5. “Tent government.” Military regime that governed Japan under the shoguns. 6. “Divine winds” that sank a portion of the invading Mongol fleet in Japan in 1281. 7. Variety of Japanese Buddhism that maintained that only faith was necessary for salvation. 8. PURE FAITH 9. Professional Japanese warriors 10. Military official who was the actual ruler of Japan in the emperor’s name from the late 1100’s until the mid-19 th century. 11.“heavenly emperor.” The official title of the emperor of Japan. 12.Spiritual temporal rule of the Muslim community 13.Islamic military commander
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14.Saying of action ascribed to muhammed 15.Pilgramage to Mecca that all muslims are enjoined to perform at least once in their lifetime 16.flight of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina in 622 C.E. It marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar.
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History+study+guide+2 - 1 a form of Buddhism which taught...

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