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Test 2 notes from 2-26-07

Test 2 notes from 2-26-07 - Test 2 Notes 2.26.07"Get Global...

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-1Test 2 Notes - 2.26.07 “Get Global” directive - quality enhancement program. Dpt endorses, encourages, requires GLOBAL pt of class. Ÿ Darfur (genocide) being compared to Holocaust. Ÿ Genocide in Bosnia - 1990s(New Holocaust) citizens killed, whole cities cut off, rape camps established, 1994, 80000 ppl killed w/ machetes, ; Ÿ Rwanda & Burundi, ppl murdered b/c they were ethnically diff.; Ÿ DROC (Democratic Republic of Congo) - civil war. Ÿ 300,000+ ppl killed b/c of gov’t order??? Ÿ Colin Powell (ex-Secretary of State) termed Darfur, genocide. Genocide- The deliberate systematic destruction of a race of ppl based on ethnicity, religion, nationality, etc. Cheney’s visit to Pakistan: talking to Pres. Musharaf, trying to get Pakistan to live up to commitment to crack down on terrorists camps (al Queda) still operating in country. Paki. Has received BILLIONS of $ from U.S. Italian Senate: ex-PM of Italy, Prodi, (in Parlimentary system, to become PM you’re party must have a majority of seats in Parliament) had a bill to support his cabinet to expand an American military base and to continue Italy’s participation in the war in Afghanistan. (maintain international solidarity - every NATO member has troops in Afghan. And have yet to pull out) REMEMBER: Countries are pulling out of IRAN, not AFGHAN.** Lost vote in Senate by TWO ppl. As a result, he put in his resignation. Started a new cabinet or 9 parties. 15+ parties in Italian parliament, had a bad plan to enter war 9only sent 8 planes and did very little damage)
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  • Spring '06
  • taylor
  • United States Congress, United States House of Representatives, federal matching funds, Nat'l Dem pty, Pty line vote

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Test 2 notes from 2-26-07 - Test 2 Notes 2.26.07"Get Global...

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