Ch6 SubSaharan Africa

Ch6 SubSaharan Africa - 7.12.07: Chapter 6 - Sub Saharan...

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-17.12.07: Chapter 6 - Sub Saharan Africa Sub Saharan Africa Regions: West Africa East Africa South Africa Equatorial Africa Landscapes: The Horn Indian Ocean Islands The Sahel Major Landscapes Plateau Continent: doesn’t have the mtns that the other regions have. More flat but there is still a variance in altitude. Basins - found in many diff types of regions, not always desert. Highlands Rift Valley Tectonic activity Separating Long Lakes - have the most species of fish than anywhere else in the world Rivers Congo Zambezi Victoria Falls Niger Orange Limpopo Resources One of the richest areas as far as natural resources Volcanic rock Crystalline rocks - minerals Diamonds and Gold - Ex. South Africa Sedimentary rocks Fossil fuels Oil - Ex. Nigeria Diamonds Major Resource DeBeers monopoly 80% of all diamonds South Africa Namibia Botswana “Blood Diamonds” 10% of world market Climate Mostly tropical Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) Rising air Heavy rainfall Subtropical highs Descending air Desert conditions Harmattan Ecosystems Rain Forest 2 nd largest I nthe world
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Ch6 SubSaharan Africa - 7.12.07: Chapter 6 - Sub Saharan...

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