Ch 10. South East Asia

Ch 10. South East Asia - South East Asia (Group project)...

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South East Asia (Group project) Tsunami – under water earthquake Class Notes South East Asia Chapter 10 Overview Mainland + Islands Peninsulas Archipelagos Climate Tropical monsoon Population 540 million Indonesia most populous Importance Crossroads of maritime trade routes East Asia Stereotypes: stem from media and immigrants Only China All eat with chopsticks All carry cameras All math geniuses Disciplined All now kung fu All short Never get fat North Korea: eat cats and dogs South East Asia Stereotypes: All work at nail salons Thailand - child porn, hookers All poor A lot of rice Vietnam Rains always All make t-shirts Many families to one house Landforms Tectonically active
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Eurasian Plate Pacific Plate Philippine Plate Volcanoes Mountains Glaciers Earthquakes Mariana trench – along Philippines, about 7 miles deep Volcanic Activity Risk to humans The pacific Ring of Fire 1883 – Krakatoa Volcano collapses Worldwide climatic effects Tsunami 1991 – Mt. Pinatubo Produces rich soils
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Ch 10. South East Asia - South East Asia (Group project)...

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