Ch 2 Foundations of World Regions

Ch 2 Foundations of World Regions - Low pressure crazy...

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-1Chapter 2: The Foundations of World Regions Earth System Science Dynamic processes Plate tectonics Continental drift - Movable plates, plate have boundaries, suggest mountains, faults Continental shield Alfred Wegener Plate Boundaries (7 major plates, 7 minor plates) Transform boundaries (sliding) Earthquakes San Andreas fault Divergent boundaries (separate) Rift vallers Mid oceanic trenchs Convergent boundaries (connect) Subduction Mountains Volcanoes Faulting (united states geological survey, earthquakes) Seasonality Earth’s orbit Axial tilt Equinox (2) Solstice Winter Summer Tropic of Cancer - 23.5 degrees N (from the Sun) Tropic of Capricorn - 23.5 degrees S (from the Sun) Arctic Circle Rotation: 24 hours Revolution: 365 ¼ Weather vs. Climate Weather: At a specific time and place Rain Snow Windy Climate: Average condition over a longer time frames Seasonality Monsoons Atmospheric Circulation High pressure - pretty weather
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Unformatted text preview: Low pressure - crazy weather Hadley Cells Trade winds Westerlies Jet Streams Subtropical highs Intertropical convergence Zone Polar fronts Precipitation Equatorial = Convectional precipitation Mountain = Orographic precipitation (mountains push precip. Across land and away from desert) World Biomes Biomes Ecosystems Related to climate Climate change Natural processes: Glaciers, volcanoes, Tectonics Human processes: Greenhouse gases, CO2, water vapor, aerosols Global Environmental Change Consequences Melting polar caps Flooding Severe weather Increased frequency of severe storms Ozone depletion Famine Other Problems; Soil Erosion Desertification Species extinction Sustainable Development Implies Reduce, reuse, recycle Conserve energy Manage renewable resources Control pops Equitable distribution of goods, resources...
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Ch 2 Foundations of World Regions - Low pressure crazy...

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