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Study Guide for Exam 2

Study Guide for Exam 2 - Works Progress Administration pg...

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-1 Works Progress Administration pg. 785 A way to provide millions of jobs quickly. Result is monuments such as buildings, bridges, hard-surfaced roads airports, and schools. Also provided part time employment to students in the form of technical training as well as employed Americans thru the Federl Theatre, Music, Art, and Writers’ Projects. Public Works Administration pg. 787 Granted 3.3$ billion for public buildings, highway programs, floo control, bridges, tunnels, and aircraft carriers. Indirectly served the purpose of work relief. Emergency Banking Relief Act 1933 pg. 782 A four day bank holiday was called during which banks were evaluated. “Healthy” banks were allowed to reopen and those still in trouble were assigned managers. Some banks were permanently closed. An effort by the gov’t to get ppl to trust the banks again Federal Securities Act pg. 783??? Required that new stock and bond issues register with the Federal Trade Cmmission (FTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Civilian Conservation Corps pg. 784 Designed to provide young single men (18-35) with jobs. Lived in CCC camps. Planted trees in areas of deforestation etc. Nearly 3 million workers provided with jobs. Directed by army officers and foresters and working under military discipline (still segregated just like the military). Court-packing plan Dr. Francis Townsend pg. 798, 802 Townsend Recovery Plan - gov’t to pay 200$ a month to retired ppl over 60 who promised to spend the money in one month. Cost of program for 9% of pop’l more than half of the Nat’l income. Social Security Act pg. 800-1 Not intended to guarantee a comfortable retirement. Meant to supplement other sources of income and protect the elderly. Huey Long pg. 797-8, 802 Leftwing. “Soak the rich” tax, “Shre the wealth” program. Ran for pres only to send the election to the HR.
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New Deal pg. 784,787,789 Does not bring the economy out of the depression. WWII does. Nat’l recovery - NRA, NIRA, POW, etc. Relief, Recovery, Reform. First New Deal (1933-1935) emphasis on relief and recovery. Second New Deal (1935 and after) emphasized reform but the relief and recovery measures continued. Wagner Act and Nat’l Labor relations act as well as Social Security Act form. Prevent economic system. Second New Deal - some think that it is going too far and the depression isn’t as bad as what the New Deal is suggesting (mostly Rep’bs - right-convervatives, laissez faire, 19 th century liberals). American Liberty League formed in opposition to the Second New Deal. (Father) Charles Caughlin - Catholic priest. Was initially pro-FDR but then turned against him and the New Deal. Opposition from the left, don’t think the New Deal is going far enough fast enough to bring the country out of the depression.
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Study Guide for Exam 2 - Works Progress Administration pg...

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