Notes for Final Exam

Notes for Final Exam - 10.29.07 - missed class, get notes....

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-110.29.07 - missed class, get notes. 10.31.07 Rainshadow Desert Gobi Desert - boundary - Altay Mtns and grasslands of Mongolia Role of Water in arid climate - high infiltration, no recharge; high evaporation, low precipitation Ephemeral - carry water only during periods of rainfall Desert Streams Wash and arroyo - Western U.S. Wadi - Arabia and N. Africa Nullah - India Donga - S. America A dry channel contains water only after a heavy rain Desert rainfall Occurs as very heavy showers Vegetation sparse, runoff is unhindered and flash floods common Poorly integrated drainage systems lack an extensive system of tributaries Most erosion done by running water Interior drainage - lack of permanent streams in arid regions. Discontinuous pattern of intermittent streams that don’t flow out of the desert into the ocean. Ex. Basin and Range province - 312,000 sq mi. - TX, CA, AZ, NM, OR Uplift of mtn region - block faulting Alluvial fans - deposits sediment from river in fan shape. Resembles a sting ray Early stage - Relief greatest. Erosion lowers the mtns and sediment fills the basins, elevation differences diminish. Occasional torrents of water produce sporadic rains that move down fom the canyons carrying heavy loads of sediment. This runoff emerges fro mthe confines of the canyons and spreads over the gentler slopes of the mtns. Playa - dry, flat lake bed that remains after the water from the playa lake (what was formed from the stream runoff) dries up. Bajada - multiple fans in one area (coalesced alluvial fans) Playa lake Inselbergs - bedrock knobs. Isolated erosional remnants that project above the surrounding sediment filled basin. Means island mtn.
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Notes for Final Exam - 10.29.07 - missed class, get notes....

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