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Video - 6 Billion & Beyond

Video - 6 Billion & Beyond - -18.22.07 Video 6 Billion...

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Unformatted text preview: -18.22.07 Video - 6 Billion and Beyond Ÿ Pop’l reached 1 billion in early 1800s. From 2 to 6 billion in one century. Ÿ Half of pop’l under 25 y. o. young women determine the number of ppl on earth by 2050 (between 7- 11 billion, depending) Mexico Ÿ Avg Mexican family size had dropped from 7 to 2.5 in past 30 yrs. Ÿ Catholic church prohibits birth control. Many teens still make decision to use it anyway. Ÿ Mexico city gains a quarter million new residents per yr. Kenya Ÿ Pop’l of Kenya increased 5x since late 1950s. Most women have 1 st child before age 20. Ÿ Over half of Kenyan women who want smaller families don’t have access to contraception. Ÿ Over pop’l prob in Kenya, not only on a Nat’l level but also at the family level. Can’t efficiently care for entire family. Many children leave school early and that leads to high rates often pregnancy. Ÿ One in six young adults in Kenya is HIV positive Ÿ In Kenya, husband decides number of children. Must communicate w/ wife as to how many b/c wife is In Kenya, husband decides number of children....
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