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Delaney Ben Delaney Professor Kountz WRT 150 The Right to Life On average, 15.6 million babies are killed each year in the United States due to abortion (Rock). The Roe vs. Wade ruling stated that “the state could regulate or prohibit abortions unless they were `necessary, in appropriate medical judgment', to preserve the life or health of the woman” (Tushnet). This case ruling eventually led to abortion being acceptable if the factors are physical, psychological, emotional, or the woman’s age (Tushnet). “Abortion is the spontaneous or intentional termination of conception or pregnancy, and extraction of the fetus from the womb” (Chua). In other words, abortion is the termination of a pregnancy; thus, the death of an unborn baby. Legal abortion occurs when the unborn baby dies at the hands of a doctor or nurse during surgery by butchering the baby’s body or slowly poisoning it with a malicious baby- killing chemical. Any of these methods terminates the unborn baby’s life. Once the nervous system has developed to a certain point, the baby can literally feel the pain of the procedure (Rock). Abortion not only terminates a life but also affects the life of the mother. The mother often develops any number of harmful physical and psychological problems during post abortion stages (Reardon). The legitimacy of abortion has been debated throughout the years. Proponents of abortion maintain that abortion is the right a woman has to choose what happens with and within her body. Abortion should be outlawed under most circumstances except during rape or incest for several reasons; killing an unborn baby is anti Christianity; immoral; and harmful to the mother in both physical and psychological ways. 1
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Delaney One of the first arguments against abortion is the religious standpoint. Buddhists believe that when a fetus is created it inherits consciousness and therefore is a living being (Anderson). In Buddhism, it is against the Buddhist law to take a life, even when that life is just a cow unless it is necessary to feed a family. Buddhists believe abortion is only acceptable when it saves the life of a mother just as taking the life of a cow is acceptable to prevent a family from starving. Although there isn’t a definite opinion, Hinduism also believes abortion is only permissible in order to save the life of the mother as it is read in most Hindu texts (Anderson). In Judaism, law states a fetus is not a full human and does not qualify for human rights and women are not allowed to harm themselves. (Anderson). The fetus is considered a part of the woman’s body therefore an abortion is inadmissible. Defined by Jewish Law, Abortion is only acceptable
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abortion - Delaney Ben Delaney Professor Kountz WRT 150 The...

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