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Sheet1 Page 1 Question 1: (2 points) What is the best explanation for so many different definitions of leadership? a. scholarly nitpicking b. disagreement about what should be considered leadership processes c. leadership behavior cannot be studied in a scientific way d. leadership is a very old topic What is the most common element in definitions of leadership? a. leadership is an authority relationship b. leadership is the ability to make good decisions c. leadership is an attribution made by followers d. leadership is an influence process Question 3: (2 points) Definitions of leadership: a. strongly influence the design and interpretation of research b. are strongly influenced by research on unconscious processes c. reflect general agreement about the nature of leadership d. are pointless because there is no basis for verification Question 4: (2 points) What process is emphasized in the definition of leadership proposed by Yukl? a. influencing followers to have complete trust in the leader b. motivating followers to do more than they initially expected c. facilitating collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives d. empowering each follower to become self reliant Question 5: (2 points) Leadership effectiveness is best assessed: a. by evaluations from the leader's boss b. by subordinate evaluations of the leader c. by a variety of subjective and objective criteria d. by objective indicators of group performance Question 6: (2 points) Participative leadership is best viewed as a combination of which two approaches for studying leadership? a. trait and behavior b. power-influence and trait c. behavior and power-influence d. trait and situational Question 7: (2 points) Charismatic leadership is an example of which approach for studying leadership? a. leader traits
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Sheet1 Page 2 b. leader behavior c. situational d. integrative Question 8: (2 points) Which is the least accurate statement about the outcomes of leadership actions? a. immediate and delayed outcomes are usually consistent with each other b. immediate outcomes are easier to predict than end-result outcomes c. immediate and delayed outcomes are usually interrelated in complex causal chains d. end-result outcomes are less useful as criteria of leadership effectiveness
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test1 - Question 1: (2 points) What is the best explanation...

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