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test2ladm - Question 1(2 points What kind of power is...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Question 1: (2 points) What kind of power is dependent upon friendship and trust? a. affiliation power b. dyadic power c. referent power d. expert power Question 2: (2 points) Which influence process is most likely to result in continued commitment to a task objective regardless of the manager's su Question 3: (2 points) Which of the following is not an example of resistance? Question 4: (2 points) Which two kinds of power have been found to be related most strongly to leader effectiveness in motivating subordinates? Question 5: (2 points) Which was not identified by strategic contingencies theory as a determinant of subunit power? a. subunit size b. expertise in solving problems c. centrality in the workflow d. uniqueness of expertise Question 6: (2 points) Control over information is likely to give a manager power over: Question 7: (2 points) Referent power is most likely to result in which type of influence process?
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Sheet1 Page 2 Question 8: (2 points) The status and influence accorded an emergent leader depends primarily on:
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