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Arnold Schoenberg I was born in Vienna and began to take violin lessons at the age of eight; I began to teach myself composition by imitating the music that I heard. After my father passed away I was very lucky to have Alexander von Zemlinsky who was my sounding board and teacher, I ended up marrying his sister. We moved to Berlin where Richard Strauss helped me get a job as a composition teacher. Upon moving back to Vienna I began to teach privately. I also began to feel that the prolonged dissonances in music since Tristan had weakened the pull of the tonic and exhaust tonality, making the tonic at the end of the piece seem arbitrary. I believe that "The emancipation of the dissonance" is freeing dissonance from its need to resolve to a consonance. I used three methods to create unity without tonality: Developing variation, Integration of harmony and melody and Chromatic saturation. I wanted to capture the human condition, I was part of the expressionist movement of the time. Erwartung
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