Exam 2 study guide

Exam 2 study guide - Review Sheet for Exam 2 In addition to...

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Review Sheet for Exam 2 – In addition to the concepts list below you should know the terms in bold from each chapter and Election 2008 from The Washington Post . the functions parties perform in democracies the benefits to be derived in the American political system from having a stable majority political coalition, particularly in Congress how informative party labels can help candidates and voters how the spoils system, political machines, and progressive reforms affected political participation the different historical party systems that have existed in the United States why politics in the United States has consistently been dominated by two parties despite the periodic challenges of third parties how changes in the party nomination process have affected the types of candidates selected how the breakdown of the New Deal coalition has affected modern American politics the current status of parties and whether they still matter in American politics the ways in which politicians and interest groups can benefit each other why pluralism has been defended as fostering democracy and attacked as being undemocratic the factors that make it easier or harder to form groups, according to Mancur Olson the scope of lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C., and the types of organizations involved why public interest groups have proliferated over the past three decades how government policy has fostered the rise of interest groups the most common and important activities of interest groups the difference between "insider" and "outsider" lobbying tactics
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Exam 2 study guide - Review Sheet for Exam 2 In addition to...

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