COG 110 Exam 2 Review Sheet (Spring 2008)

COG 110 Exam 2 Review Sheet (Spring 2008) - COG 110,...

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COG 110, Laboratory Exam 2 Review Sheet – Spring 2008 Lab Quiz will be given the 1 st part of class on Monday, March 31! Review questions – Be able to address the following questions. The quiz will consist of a subset of these questions or slight variations on them. “Growing the Mind” 1. In the video “Growing the Mind”, Dr. Greenfield discussed a 2 nd memory system that forms the basis of our knowledge – the semantic memory system. What is semantic memory and how does it differ from an episodic memory (a memory of a past event)? What is semantic dementia and what causes it? Why is it that we are justified in concluding that episodic memory and semantic memory systems involve different brain areas? Give your explanation in terms of the relevant double dissociation. A method that two functions are controlled by different parts of the brain. Parts of a car, radio and transmission. Vision and hearing. 2. Recall the case of Harrison, the child sufferer of epilepsy who had the entire left hemisphere of his brain removed. If I were to pick a normal child of the same age as Harrison when he had his surgery and remove his or her left hemisphere, I would not expect to see the same retention and recovery of linguistic and motor abilities that Harrison showed. Why do I make this assertion? What if I did this to a healthy adult? What sort of recovery of function would I expect to see (or not) and why? “Thinking Allowed: Interview with Robert Ornstein” 3. Ornstein refers to the mind as being a “squadron of simpletons.” What does he mean by a simpleton? What does he mean that the mind is a whole bunch of these simpletons? Tell me what Ornstein thinks is the purpose of consciousness, and relate that to his overall view of the mind as a squadron of simpletons.
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COG 110 Exam 2 Review Sheet (Spring 2008) - COG 110,...

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