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Kinesiology 100 Lab 1 The Rockport Walk Test The Rockport Walk Test is a procedure designed to measure VO2 max, also known as maximal oxygen uptake. VO2 max is a measure of a person’s ability to consume oxygen delivered from the blood. This test is commonly used because it is far easier to conduct than alternative methods and still provides a somewhat accurate value for one’s maximal oxygen uptake. The participants weight, age, gender, time to complete test, and heart rate after the test are all computed together in a given equation to give the participants estimated VO2 max value. To conduct The Rockport Walk Test, a quarter mile was measured on a straight street using the odometer on a car. The participant then began at the beginning of the measured course and walked at a very quick pace towards the designated end. A stop watch was used to determine the exact time the walk took over the quarter mile interval. Once the walk was completed, the same stop watch was used to determine the
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course KIN 100 taught by Professor Kamen during the Spring '08 term at UMass (Amherst).

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