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Michael Mann PSY2012 Feb. 18, 2008 Defining Homosexuality Everyone as a child can remember when they first learned about the birds and the bees. We can all remember when we wanted to know where babies came from as well. But has anyone ever wondered why one is gay or why one is different? I am gay and have always wanted to know why. I have a few hypotheses of why, but I want to know the scientific, psychological perspective on the issue. Research has been pondering the same question for years. Why are people gay and what is homosexuality? Homosexuality is defined in two ways the views; of tradition and the views of psychoanalysis. Tradition states that, "homosexual behavior is a bad habit that people fall into because they are sexually permissive and experimental", (Family Research Institute [FRI], 1999).while the psychoanalysist's view demonstrates that , "homosexual behavior is a mental illness, symptomatic of arrested development" (Family Research Institute [FRI], 1999). Studies have been conducted on the theory of homosexuality using genetics and environmental factors. ". ..homosexuality results from a number of cultural, familial, and social influences." (Family Research Institute [FRI], 1999). One particular theory, Exotic Becomes Erotic theory (EBE) explains that homosexuality is derived into a basic breakdown of nature vs. nurture theory mixed with Freud's childhood development theory. "Evidence for EBE theory is organized into the following narrative sequence: Gender conformity or nonconformity in
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childhood is a causal antecedent of sexual orientation in adulthood." (Bem, 1996, evidence for the theory section, para. 1). The theory has a specific pattern going from stage a to stagef. Each stage representing another movement towards the final theory of the development of homosexuality. Stage A takes the form of biological variables, stage B sets the stage for childhood temperaments, sage C
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finadraftl - Michael Mann PSY2012 Feb. 18, 2008 Defining...

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