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Cameron Barth 03/28/08 Che 101 Essay 4 For as long as most people can remember drugs in some way, shape, or form, has been an issue for the United States. Because of this the government has put organization such as the FDA and DEA in place to regulate them, but some question whether or not the government should be regulating things such as, vitamins and over the counter drugs. It has been an ongoing conflict for years, whether or not supplements should be regulated like other drugs are and it seems if the proper tests are done on these supplements there should be no regulation from the government. It is my opinion that the various pharmaceutical companies are merely trying to completely control the whole market because, as of right now they have little or no control over the supplement market because the government does little to regulate it.
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Unformatted text preview: Most over the counter vitamins we consume on a daily bases are just that, vitamins. Its not as if we are ingesting something our bodies wouldnt already get naturally on a daily basis. Many of these supplements and vitamins are out there to help individuals who have difficulties obtaining their required vitamins through their diets. If its something our body needs to function and already can obtain from fruits, vegetables, and meets I see no harm in allowing people to buy an extra boost to their regular consumption of these various vitamins. In short, the government has the right idea by regulating various drugs our doctors prescribe us, but I see no need for the regulation of various vitamins and or supplements. Again, why regulate something that will do no harm to our body if it is consumed in excess....
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