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Michael Mann 2/2/2008 PYS2012 Chapter 4: Consciousness: Sleep, Dreams, Hypnosis, and Drugs I. What is consciousness? A. Definition * a person's awareness of everything that is going on around them at any given moment. * walking consciousness is where these feelings are organized and you feel alert B. Altered states of consciousness * state in which there is a shift in the quality or pattern of mental activity as compared to walking consciousness * fuzzy and disorganized thoughts * pathways include; drugs, daydreaming, and hypnosis II. Altered States: Sleep A. The Necessity of Sleep * sleep is known as the "gentle tyrant" * sleep is one of the boy's biological rhythms , or natural cycles the body must go through 1. The rhythms of life: circadian rhythms * sleep-wake cycle is a circadian rhythm * Latin word circa - about and diem - day * circadian rhythm is a cycle that takes "about a day" to complete * sleep is controlled by the hypothalamus 2. The role of the hypothalamus: the mighty mite * area with the hypothalamus called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is our brains internal clock * when daylight fades the SCN tells the pineal gland to secrete the hormone melatonin * melatonin makes one sleepy * when daylight increases the SCN tells the pineal gland to stop secreting melatonin * Serotonin may also be linked to sleepiness * Body temperature can play a part as well * SCN may be responsible for reseting the "clock" each day. 3. The price of not sleeping * microsleeps- brief sidesteps into sleep lasting only a few seconds * lack of sleep can lead to concentration problems and the inability to do simple tasks * sleep deprivation- any significant loss of sleep, resulting in problems in concentration and irritability *symptoms include trembling hands, inattention, droopy eyelids, general
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chp4 - Michael Mann 2/2/2008 PYS2012 Chapter 4:...

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